Cream T Pickups is proud to announce the new pickup line: Billy F Gibbons Banger Series.

This new pickup-line will feature different models and will be revealed later. Stay tuned.

First out is the special humbucker. Designed by Billy F Gibbons and Thomas N. of Cream T Pickups


This humbucker is based on Billy F Gibbons famous tone range, where we added more to it and took it further after working together on the details. The "Billy F Gibbons - Banger Humbucker" use special wire and contain 2 different type of wire. The ouput is 8.6k under normal room temperature.

The "Billy F Gibbons - Banger Humbucker" are available in singles and sets. Each one is signed and have a unique serial number.

We will get back with more information the next couple of days. Make sure you pre-order and get on the list for the first batch shipping out soon. Please use the email below for pre-ordering and any questions.